© Hertha Hurnaus
© Hertha Hurnaus
Art Space in a Grey Zone
Ausstellung | 03.07.2010 | 12:00 Uhr

Exhibition | Slovak National Gallery - Bratislava

The exhibition “ART SPACE IN A GREY ZONE” documents a series of architectural projects engaging in the spatial, urban, and political positions of TRANZIT, a network of autonomous initiatives in
contemporary art, and its specific situation in Bratislava.

Exploring issues such as landscape, exhibition space, and factors of production in contemporary art, the 15 projects presented in the exhibition document how friction with a given environment, a “grey zone”, can generate new and complex architectural solutions. A series of models and architectural drawings introduces the activities of TRANZIT Bratislava and provides an overview of the methods and design strategies employed at the Department of Design Theory and Design in Vienna and at the Institute of Ecological and Experimental Architecture in Bratislava.